180° opening on tri-fold doors as well

COMPACK® Living is the hardware system for folding doors which reduces the amount of space occupied by the door, thus increasing living space. Using a special patented hinge applied to the top of the door, COMPACK Living® 180° allows the door to be folded flat against the wall, opening 180 degrees.

It is easy to see how on single leaf doors the swing space when opening is reduced by 50% compared to traditional systems with hinged doors. But what happens on bi- or tri-fold doors?

COMPACK® Living 180° can be easily applied to a tri-fold system by installing an additional leaf to the outer half leaf with standard recessed hinges. With COMPACK® Living 180° on a tri-fold door, the space occupied by the open door, resting against the wall, is reduced to a third of the opening space.

The COMPACK® Living hardware system is available both with a 180-degree and 90-degree opening and can be installed without the need for any masonry work, to standard doors and frames of any type. It is suitable for both private home and contract installations, especially where ample doorway space is required.

COMPACK® Living uses a traditional handle and the stable folding action of the door as it opens smoothly and silently is comparable to the movement of a traditional hinged door. The rabbet on the three sides of the door also guarantees excellent soundproofing.

The patented COMPACK® Living system is the brainchild of the partnership between Celegon and Massimo Bonetti Design, combining all-Italian technology, design and production, developed to optimise living spaces.

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